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What Are Cookies

Cookies are small files downloaded to your computer and used to improve your experience.

This page details what they gather and how we use it.

It will also explain how you can prevent these cookies from being stored.

For more information on cookies generally, please read "What Are Cookies".

How We Use Cookies

We use cookies for storing game data, which improves your experience.

Disabling Cookies

You can disable cookies in your browser's settings (You can look it up, for your specific browser).

On my site, if you disable cookies, you won’t be able to save your game. Everything else should work.

Third Party Cookies

We also use cookies for some third party services listed below:

More Information

Hopefully, you now know why and how we use cookies. For more information, you can always contact me on Twitter: @malthsl, or by email: malthe@mtsl.dk.

Policy Updated 29-4-2021

This page is under constructing! But all the information is here.